Sunday, April 9, 2017

Mark 6:45 ¶ Immediately He made His disciples get into the boat and go before Him to the other side, to Bethsaida, while He sent the multitude away.
I am sure the disciples would have preferred to remain with Christ, but to experience His fullness they must be willing to simply obey. To live exclusively for my eternal promise may cause me to miss the most important aspect of reconciliation – I must live in humble obedience to Christ if I am called to experience the intimate presence of my Lord and reflect that back to my fellow man. We must never allow ourselves to determine how things should transpire or be accomplished. We learn more of obedience through faith and restraint than we will ever experience through impulsive behavior. Christ, being fully man and fully God, simply did the will of the Father gained through times of quite devotion and meditation. God’s Word is a light for my path not a beacon into the events of my future. If we focus upon our perception of the future, we may miss the importance of our obedience in the present. The Lord rarely reveals the outcome when He sets before us the task – God sovereignty is not revealed in my success it is declared by my humble unquestioning obedience. “Well done” is not the final event of our lives it the process of obedient devotion to our Lord and His Word. Sanctification is a process directly related to my obedience. It is not my service that will accomplish the plan of God – it is my desire to simply glorify and obey the Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit. God’s promised end is established in the process He is taking every believer though this life. 
Read through the Bible in one year – April 9/ Luke 10:1-24; 1 Samuel 13,14

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