Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Taking Root-----Jesus talked about seed and soils. In a parable in MATHEW 13, about what happens when the seeds of the Gospel is sown on various kinds of ground. He said that seeds that land on stones and "not much earth, grow quickly but then die in the sun ( vv5-6). He is speaking of a person who has heard and received the Gospel, but in whose life the message does not take root. When trouble comes, this person- who is not a genuine believer falls away!
How grateful we can be for JESUS ' words that conclude this parable ." He who received seed on the good ground is he who hears the Word and understands it, who indeed bears Fruit "(v23).What a reminder of both the privilege and the responsibility that accompanies our Salvation.
Praise GOD for the seed of the Gospel and the soil of spiritual growth, Lord I will be the soil, in which you plant your Word with its promise of fruit, I want to be open hearted to You each and every day, so what you have planted in me will take Root!
[ A heart open to God is Soil in which,
You can plant your Word, with its
Promise of Fruit "; I want to be open,
To You every day, so what you have
Planted takes root!
A heart open to God is soil in which, the seed of His Word can flourish: Thank you, Father, put people in my life today, seed, who have seed, and I give you thanks , and I pray for All in Jesus Holy Name !
Lead me guide me steer me! Love You and Love All DENNIS ". AMEN "!

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