Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The great healer ---For a reason known only to God. He appointed humans to be His partners in the work of caring for creation ( Genesis 2:15 ), and doctored are amongst them. Doctors study medical science and learned how Got designed the body. They used this knowledge to help restore to a healthy condition. But the only reason doctors can do anything to make us better is that God created us with. the ability to heal. Surgeons would be useless if incisions didn't heal.
Scientists can learn how God created our bodies to function, and they devise therapies to help restore or cure us .but they are not healers God is ( EXODUS 15:26 ).Doctors simply cooperate with God's original intent and design.
So I am grateful for science and doctors and so our much much more, and our thanksgiving goes to God, who designed an orderly universe and us with minds that can discover how it works. I believe, and so should All, therefore, that all healing is Devine because no healing takes place apart from God!
We should say to God, you are the healer the great doctor above all doctors, and I ask for healing, whether mind, body, spirit or in all of these. I believe You give what is best for us. Thank You for Your goodness, kindness, and Love In All Things. In all things that are of Good We give praise and Give you thanks, O Father, in Jesus Precious Holy Loving Name Amen!
Be healed my family, friends, and sister and brothers around the earth, AMEN

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