Sunday, April 23, 2017

Not well hurting everywhere, won't be able to attend a church, please say a prayer for me, and I'm again starting my chemotherapy 25th. The mind can be a wandering adventure that misses a lot of things that go on close by. Nothing deserves more attention than the Words that help us discover the joy and wonder of our Father in heaven. Receiving of the Word consists of two parts: the attention of the mind and intention of the will. Now we have the privilege and the responsibility of pointing others to the bread of life. We can share Jesus in our neighborhood, in our workplace, in schools, in places of recreation. We can talk about Jesus in the waiting room, on a bus or on a train. We can take the good news to others through doors of friendship. I have been able to do it in hospital on my days of treatment-Jesus is the Bread of life. So let us tell everyone the good news 'go for it my sisters and brothers and let us rejoice Thank You Jesus !"

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