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Mon, April 17, 2017
Light of Life
The Bible is a life-bringing and a life-giving book. It is not primarily concerned with any department of human thought for its own sake. If the Bible speaks about the rainbow, it is that we may be reminded of God’s covenant of mercy with mankind. If it tells the story of Abraham, it does so that we may learn to know the place of faith in our relation to God. If it points us to the moon and the stars, it is that we may know now frail we are. If it talks about the birds, it is to teach us to trust our Heavenly Father without fear or doubting. It tells us about hell not to satisfy our morbid curiosity, but that we may steer our feet far from its terrors. It tells us about heaven that we may be prepared to enter there. It writes the history of human disgrace that we may learn the value of divine grace. It warns in order that it may turn our feet away from the paths that go down to the path of destruction. It rebukes in order that we may see our own faults and be delivered from them.

Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law.
Psalm 119:18

As we expose ourselves to it, the Bible illumines the dark corners of heart and mind. It exposes sin but reveals the way of cleansing and forgiveness. It confronts us with eternal reality but comforts and encourages. May that precious treasure be open before us rather than gathering dust on a distant bookshelf.

Open my eyes, Lord, to see the light You project from Your Word.

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