Tuesday, April 18, 2017

When we reflect on our journey of faith in Christ, we can see God's faithfulness in overcoming our reluctance and resistance. When people lashing out in spiritual desperation and fear, may we have God's wisdom to show His love to them - and to every person who is reluctant to be rescued by him? We may be saved and covered by the Blood, but we often need to be rescued, from a situation, are something without great thought have said wrong, or even not supporting each other personally with encouragement and prayer. We are all sinners at times and need each other at times in many ways, so let us be united and be more like Jesus every day. Let's remember the Words we study in His Word -- " The Words of the reckless pierce like swords " says Proverbs 12:18, " but the tongue of the wise brings healing (NIV). Just as fire has both destructive and useful elements, so " death and life are in the power of the tongue "(18:21). For a conversation that reflects God's presence in us and pleases Him, let it " always be with grace" ( Colossians 4:6). When expressing our opinions during disagreements, let's ask God to help us choose wholesome language that brings honor to Him. Let us pray each day for the Lord to help us choose the words we use to bless and encourage others and build up rather than tear them, may use them in your ways so You will be pleased to Hear!
One thing to remember- Anger can make us speak OUR MIND - When we should be MIND-FUL of what we SPEAK !"

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