Thursday, April 27, 2017

Romans 7:6 But now we have been released from the law, for we died to it and are no longer captive to its power. Now we can serve God, not in the old way of obeying the letter of the law, but in the new way of living in the Spirit. (NLT)
The power of the law is not what it requires – its power is the authority we willingly give to its ability to produce righteousness. The law may well define righteousness in our behavior but it has no power to produce it in our hearts. The power of the law demands the submission of our will regardless of our motive. Fear of consequences will inspire obedience to the law but it will not challenge our constant struggle to remain submissive. We do not die to the obligation to heed the moral, social and civil requirements of the law; but our new-birth changes our motive from struggling compliance to avoid consequences toward willing submission to enjoy intimate fellowship. The Holy Spirit guides us from demanding obligation toward willing obedience. The law no longer defines my righteousness – my righteousness is provided by the gracious merciful sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The law defines the chasm between my sin-nature and an infinitely holy God – Jesus Christ has not eliminated my compliance with what the Law commands; but He has provided the pure motive for my willingness to obey. The reverent fear of God allows the law to transform my thinking rather than simply control my behavior. The old way demanded precise obedience to every detail to avoid punishment and reveal the struggle of man’s rebellion – the new way uses humble devotion to transform my rebellion into willing compliance to experience intimate fellowship. 
Read through the Bible in one year – April 27/ Luke 19:28-48; 1 Kings 1,2

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