Saturday, April 22, 2017

If we believe we are filled with the Holy Spirit and His loving kindness, let's believe, what we read about Him in the New Testament: He was approachable - He welcomed little children(MATHEW 19: 13-15).He was kind to an adulterous woman, in a desperate situation JOHN 81:11 ).
Compassion motivated Him to teach crowds -(MARK 6:34).
And at the same time, Jesus power was astounding.Heads turned and jaws dropped as He subdued demons, calmed violent storms and resurrected dead people ! (Mark 1:21-34;4:35-41;).JOHN 11).
The way we see Jesus determines how we relate to Him. If we focus only on His power, we may treat Him with detached worship, we'd give a comic book superhero. Yet if we over empathize His kindness, we risk treating Him too casually.
The truth is that Jesus is both at once - great enough to deserve our obedience, yet humble enough to call us friends.
WOW, As Christian believers and being guided by The Holy Spirit, we are the same to each other and with others!
Q)- Do we practice, Mercy, grace, and forgiveness and pray with each other personally! Love Father and Love All in Jesus Holy name AMEN and AMEN. ( Love ya all folks Den"

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