Saturday, April 15, 2017

Dennis Osullivan
This is what God wants to see in all churches by All His Children ( LOVE IN ACTION) In Humility value others above yourselves " ( PHILLIPIANS 2:3). !!!!
This would mean living worthy of Christ's calling, through serving and being united with others. Our unity, being birthed through our union with Christ and expressed through serving each other, would enable us to keep strong in our faith !"
We may claim to Love others without selfish ambition or vain conceit, but the true state of our Hearts isn't revealed until we put our Love into action. Though at times I'm tempted to grumble, I know that as a follower of Christ, my call is to put my love for my friends, family, and others into practice, with a clean Heart! May we find ways to serve our family, friends, and neighbors for Gods Glory ." We should read LUKE 22:22-27, and consider how we can pattern ourselves, after Jesus the servant, looking especially at the words, " But I am among you as one who serves," The gift of unity can result from serving each other. What a season to become more and more like Jesus. Father in Jesus Holy name let this be my prayer AMEN

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