Monday, April 24, 2017

Jesus the Christ - Everyone including His disciples, thought that Jesus crucifixion spelled the end of the One who had dared to defy the established religious order of His day. However when Jesus Christ rose from the dead. He demonstrated mightily God's incomparable Power and Glory!
The day is coming when our beloved Jesus will return in Glory, to Rule - What Is Rightfully HIS! On that day every knee will bow before Him and say " Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive power and riches and wisdom, and strength and honor and Glory and blessings !" Read -REVELATION 5:12). Jesus the Lamb who is also the Lion. Deserves our Praise- To honour'Our KING". His praises we sing !" Every knee in heaven is bending- To the Lamb for sinners Slain; Every voice and harp is Swelling- " Worthy is the Lamb to reign !"
To Honour our KING, His Praises we Sing !, We are of real great value to our Loving beyond description. Those who don't know Him are lost in their sins. Christ paid the ultimate price by His sacrifice for All who accept, Him as Lord and savior. Those we know who are lost, Let us come to Lord in prayer and Ask Him to give us opportunities to share the Good News with them so they can repent of their sins and be found by Our gracious GOD. !The Lord has come to seek and save
The World that is lost in sin;
And everyone who comes to Him
Will be restored and changed within --Sper"
Admit you are lost, and you definitely be Found!
Thank you, Father, in Jesus holy Name, I love and pray for All AMEN

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