Sunday, April 9, 2017

Dennis Osullivan
2 hrs · 
Look at each other, are our thoughts, the same of those of Jesus, do we love each other, like God loves us, and don't just say yes, but show it, in words and deeds. Then we are listening for Gods voice in our lives, otherwise, if we can't, show the Love and compassion to each other. Today more and more are keyed into the sounds and vibrations their mobile make, rather than the still small voice of the Lord through His Word and His Spirit. May we like Samuel and the many followers of the Lord, learn to discern God's voice, and say speak lord I am listening. Ask the Lord to help us listen to Him when He speaks to us so much each day, guide and help us through your Word, and helping us to follow and obey! Please Lord give our brothers and sisters the Words we need when we struggle in our circumstances of life, and let those words lift our spirits and eyes to the Lord. In the Old Testament prophet Isaiah wrote, "The sovereign Lord has given me a well-instructed tongue, to know the Word, that sustains the weary " and when we look to the Lord, He offers words of hope in the darkness. Love God and love our neighbors, do good to each other, and be there for each other always, like Jesus is for Us!
Thank you, Father, for your Word and support, I pray for All not only for the ones who share their love but all that struggle too !! let Love come out to share with others! I pray in Jesus Holy name AMEN!"

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