Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Dennis Osullivan
9 hrs · 
Resting and waiting, a message for All in a resting place!Jesus was weary from His long journey, was resting beside Jacobs well.His disciples had gone into the city of Sychar to buy bread. A woman came out of the city to draw water and found her Messiah. The account tells us she quickly into the city to invite others to come hear "a man who told her everything I ever did"(JOHN 4:29).
The disciples came back bringing the bread. When they urged Jesus to eat, He said to them"My food is to do the Will of Him who sent Me, and to finish His Work "v34),
Now " I ask you; what work had Jesus been doing? He'd been resting and waiting by the well. This gave me great encouragement in this story because I living with physical limitations. And was laying in the hospital bed receiving chemotherapy, But this passage tells me, that I do not have to scurry about -worrying about doing the Will of our God the Father and getting His Work done. In this season of my life, I can rest and let Him bring His Work to me!
Similarly, we can wait in our tiny flat, our workplace, prison cell or our hospice hospital bed can become a "Jacobs well ", a place to rest and to wait for your Father to bring His work to you, wonder who He'II bring to you today 'mmmm
I can give testimony to this, each time I have to go to receive chemotherapy or just checks and tube flushing, God has given me the opportunity to Share His Word and His presence to people I speak to. Thank you, Father, for your guidance through the Holy Spirit and I pray blessings on all in Jesus Holy name AMEN! Love ya Lord and love All. Dennis

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