Saturday, April 8, 2017

Dennis Osullivan
The debate about The truth which Jesus was telling them. Some believed and some remained angry at Him and unconvinced. In a similar way, the debate goes on even now. Many oppose Jesus to try to discredit His statements and twist them into lies. Those who oppose the truth, when in a discussion about the truth, tend to have an anger, aggression and a unsociable way about them . and very difficult to communicate with in a friendly manner.Yet followers of Christ, have a much more, loving manner and are quite calm at discussing the Truth of Jesus and Gods Word, not trying force anyone into believing, But stating Gods truths and the acts of Jesus, else in His time which He spent on earth. Jesus said " I am telling you the truth ", and He promised He would give us a freedom we can find no place else.The bible record of Jesus ' life is worth ' fact checking ' as we can determine who we will follow. We all have been given a freedom of choice to believe or disbelieve!"God's truth stands any test. Faith is believing every promise of the Lords is absolutely true. Even none believers and others of different beliefs, celebrate the Birth of Jesus, yet seems so hypocritical, celebrating Christmas and His birth, and celebrating other occasions, relating to What Jesus did for each of us! Thank you, Jesus, for all you Did and what your Spirit continues to do in the World and in people's lives, I pray for All in your Name Jesus. Thank you, Lord

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