Monday, April 3, 2017

Dennis Osullivan
9 hrs · 
It is important for us to be known for obedience, for doing what is good, for not slandering or pulling each other down, but helping and lifting each other up. Being peaceful and considerate, and for our humility rather than complaining, showing how we have changed by following Jesus Christ. This happened to us, by " The Holy Spirit Whom He poured out on us - through Jesus Christ " enabling us to" devote (ourselves ) to doing what is good ". It is through Jesus ' great gift of salvation that we are equipped to influence our world for good, and a reminder we all need! The Holy Spirit if we are submitted to Him, Will remind us the importance it is to obey and treat others, the way we want to be treated and remind us that our salvation enables us to live as Light in this Dark World "! Father, I give thanks and praise, far, I pray blessings on all near far, for all those who know you and the Lost in Jesus precious name I pray AMEN. Love ya JESUS and Love ALL Dennis
Tread carefully with , those who don't , show the love of Jesus , who should , and His Holy Spirit will deal with it , praise the name of Jesus!"

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