Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Dennis Osullivan
7 hrs · 
It's lovely waking up to a new day in the morning, it's one of my thoughts before I go to bed and pray. A new day when we can start afresh. We all make mistakes. But when it comes to sin, slate, God's forgiveness is what enables us to start with a slate, when we repent He chooses to remember our sins no more JEREMIAH 31:14; HEBREWS 8:12).
Most of us have made wrong choices in our lives , but our past words and deeds need not define our future in God's eyes . There is always a fresh Start, when we ask for His forgiveness, we take the first step to restoration our relationship with Him and with others . "If we confess our sins , He is Faithful and Just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness "(1 JOHN 1:9). Gods compassion and faithfulness are new every morning (LAMENTATIONS 3:23), so we can start a new day!
And new Day gives us a reason, t o show our love for each ( for what are we if we have not Love ????? And new day gives us reasons to praise the Lord . We may not like people because they or different to us but that's gods blessing He made us so different!
And it's not a request Gods made it is His COMMAND !! Show your Love like JESUS 
Thank you for today Father and your many blessings, I pray For All near and far in Jesus precious Holy name Amen ' Love You and Love All Dennis

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