Friday, April 7, 2017

The roots of our faith must run deep, it can be tempting to be drawn, to other things which lead to sin! , We can hear the principles of others faith , but it's got to be our individual faith our heart , our mind and spirit, that's been lead by Gods Word, His living Word, and His spirit!"others can teach us principles of the faith and there are many Good teachers, but each one of us must come individually to a lasting personal faith in Christ Jesus. For faith to become real it must become our own. God will help us walk with Him and become rooted and established in Faith (Col,2:6-7). A faith that continues and lasting, gives proof it was lasting in the beginning.
I am thine Lord like much more, I read your word and hear your voice, it told me of your love for me and All, but even now I long to rise higher in the Arms of faith and stay ever closer to THEE "AMEN" I pray for All in Jesus Holy Name Amen!
Love ya Lord, love all Dennis

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