Tuesday, March 7, 2017

! When trouble knocks us off our feet, we can look up. God is there.

Dennis Osullivan
41 mins ·
True contentment is not dependent on anything in this World, so it's no good fretting for them, they will never satisfy, the true secret of contentment is to let the Lord supply! When trouble knocks us off our feet, we can look up. God is there. He understands and cares about us. It's not easy, I would not tell you that, but we can trust Him to help us get back on our feet, if we look back, He's done it countless times even when we had no faith in Him. Many of us suffer fear sometimes in life, and now we know the remedy and worry, of course, is trust in our creator. Only when we trust the reality of our Gods ever presence, power, protection, and provision for our lives can we share the joy of The Psalmist, who said, I sought the Lord, He heard me, and healed me of all my fears "Psalms 34:4 ).Each day and every moment, the strength we need, we find in the Lord to meet any trial we face, for us trusting in our Fathers wise bestowment, we will have no cause for worry or for fears " ( Psalms 34:4.Trust in the Lord is the cure for a fearful spirit ." Thank you, Father, in Jesus name and I pray for All to trust you in all they need and always! Love ya Jesus and Love ALL. Thank you

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