Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Dennis Osullivan
5 hrs · 
What does the church need to do to display the presence of God? Its people would have to live like Him! Dynamics like hospitality, the loving kindness of the variety of people's, a quickness and openness to serve, other, a tangible love that makes people feel safe and included regardless of colour or class , and have a patient tolerance of each other's weaknesses, all of these would be a great way to start ! PAUL said we we should walk in a manner " worthy of the LORD "COLOSSIANS .1:10) . And he also said said that being worthy means that we will be humble , gentle , bearing with one another in LOVE, eagerly maintaining the unity of the Spirit in the Bond of Peace ( EPHESIANS 4::2-3).
Let us live in such a way that others will experience the presence of God who lives in us - wherever we are, but especially in Church. For the world gets a glimpse of God , when those who claim to be, the followers of Jesus Christ, are Living righteously. Those who walk with Christ should bring the presence of God to everyone around them!

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