Thursday, March 23, 2017

William Warrington
2 mins
Day of Prayer at church…by Bill Warrington
Yesterday was the “Day of Prayer” at our church, which occurs several times a year when prayer requests are laid upon the altar and the saints make intercession. It was so hard for me to pray yesterday. I was so overwhelmed seeing all those prayer needs. I felt so weak and was overcome by the hurts and weakness. All the death and sickness; all the destitute and homelessness; all the poverty and abandonments; all the troubles and joblessness; all the addictions and lost souls. Only the Lord can comprehend all this. I was so overwhelmed!
The Lord says, “come unto me and I will give your rest”. He will direct our paths in answer to all these situations. He is soon coming; but He is also still revealing Himself in all our situations. Through open hearts, to those who will receive His words and apply it to their hearts and in their situations.
There is a day approaching when man will not be able to stand unless this heart voices what matters in the Kingdom of the imperishable. All that is in the world is perishing and before the Day of the Lord; there will great eruptions, famines, wars and much injustice. Therefore we need to awake! Time is coming when man will not be able to stand unless the days are shortened. And so in the time remaining we need to focus on and clarify to the church and among the brother the righteousness and soon coming King!
Therefore each man in his heart needs to prepare accordingly. Every household needs be prepared accordingly and every soldier in the Army of the Lord armored in the righteousness of Jehovah; making the time; taking the effort to be ready as were those for the great wedding feast. Dressed for the occasion. We need to begin clothing ourselves in our best garments; and bath in the sweet scent of prayerful dedication unto the Lord our God!
God has spent much time in His coming because righteousness unto the Lord must be attained and all generations will be judged unto the righteousness of their generation and by the cross of His son Jesus!
Let us create in our hearts the righteousness that will only come through the application of the word, the power of the Holy Spirit and by the blood of our selfless Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Let’s take upon us even the hardest tasks of prayer and worship and stay ready whatever comes what may! 
Let’s take heed for this the will of God concerning us!

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