Friday, March 24, 2017


Fri, March 24, 2017
Faith Identification with Christ
If we would be followers of Christ indeed we must become personally and vitally involved in His death and resurrection. And this requires repentance, prayer, watchfulness, self-denial, detachment from the world, humility, obedience and cross carrying. That is why it is easier to talk about revival than to experience it.

To avoid personal involvement with the cross we have become adept at finding or creating religious projects to soothe our conscience and make things look good. Among these may be named evangelism and foreign missions. These are good, scriptural activities, incumbent upon all Christians, but all presuppose that they who engage in them should be holy, Spirit-filled and totally committed to God. To carry on these activities scripturally the church should be walking in fullness of power, separated, purified and ready at any moment to give up everything, even life itself, for the greater glory of Christ. For a worldly, weak, decadent church to make converts is but to bring forth after her own kind and extend her weakness and decadence a bit further out.

''In the same way, count yourselves dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus.''
Romans 6:11

Because of Christ's death and resurrection and our faith identification with Him, we are to count ourselves dead to sin and alive to God. That means refusing to let sin reign in us. Wow!

Father, Your provision for me in Christ is so full and complete. May more and more I utilize it by faith--Christ's life lived out in my daily life.

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