Friday, March 10, 2017

Dennis Osullivan
6 hrs · 
When we wonder at all of Gods magnificent creation. Part of Gods plan is for us to stand tall, in spite of the pains, suffering, and heartache, that come against us Period! Our life is directly related to the love and support we receive from God and one another ( Do We Support each other has we should- just threw that Question in !) It is told in --HEBREWS 13:16 We are to do 'Good' and share".
( Just think how tough it would be to face, all the difficult challenges in life, totally on our own if someone, was not sharing their strength with us.
God does when we call on the name of JESUS! He has so often and will continue to do So "He's done it time and time again! There is Great Power in the entwining gifts of words of encouragement, of prayers of intercession, even sharing tears together, holding each other and just sitting with one another sharing the presence of Gods and our Love. " Lord thank you for the blessing of strength you add into our lives, let us be carriers each day and be led to share with whoever needs the Love of shared strength from our resources, that you have given to Us! Thank you, Father, I pray for All in Jesus holy name AMEN --Love ya Jesus ' Love All "

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