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Humankinds Special Relationship to God
Without faith it is impossible to please God has become an axiom of the Christian way; yet I suppose not many stop to ask why faith should be so vitally important in our relation with God. But there is a reason. This is a moral universe. At bottom it is not material, though it contains matter; it is not mathematical, though it involves numbers. The God who made the world is a moral being and He has filled His world with moral creatures. We hear of mysterious beings who have access to the presence of God and who range throughout the whole creation as servants of the Most High. Bless the Lord, ye his angels, that excel in strength, that do his commandments, hearkening unto the voice of his word. The Scriptures tell us of at least four orders of such beings and refer to what they call watchers and holy ones, which may indicate other orders or may simply refer to the previously mentioned four. In addition, there is another and of course a more familiar order of being, the last and (before his fall) the highest of all the creatures God created and made. I refer to man who was made in Gods image and likeness and who for that reason bears toward God a unique moral and spiritual relation.

. . . Enoch walked with God . . . Enoch walked with God . ..
Genesis 5:22, 24

Enoch walked with God. Also reported to have walked with Him are Noah, Abraham and Isaac. To walk humbly with God is our unique privilege. What other segment of creation is so honored?

Enoch walked with You, Lord. I can, too! I want to know what it means to so relate to You.

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