Saturday, February 25, 2017

As followers of Christ and children of God, being good neighbours comes naturally. And can be evident when in their company !their love shines through, to all! So tread carefully in the guidance of the Holy Spirit. They may be a sister or brother that believe, but they are still growing in Christ!

Even if we may not have the opportunity to respond in a dramatic way to a natural disaster, we can all look for ways to love those around us. To be good neighbours, we can show others mercy, treat others fairly, speak to all truthfully and forgive others completely.

Christians CAN be the best neighbours around, and should always be, because our love for others flows out of the life of the ultimate neighbour -our a Lord and saviour Jesus Christ, who loved and sacrificed His life for us. So let us be like Him so gentle and forgiving, tender and kind, gentle in His Spirit, lowly in His mind and grow more and more like Jesus, day after day, filled with His spirit to help us and guide in Jesus's way. 

Our love for Jesus Christ is only as real as our love for our neighbours. It is a command and not a choice, I love having and giving unconditional love, and will express it at all times like I express it to Jesus.

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