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Thu, February 23, 2017
Acting Out Unbelief
Human sin began with loss of faith in God. When our mother Eve listened to Satans sly innuendoes against the character of God she began to entertain a doubt of His integrity and right there the doors were opened to the incoming of every possible evil, and darkness settled upon the world. The Bible talks about mans being alienated from and an enemy to God. Should this sound harsh or extreme you have only to imagine your closest personal friend coming to you and stating in cold seriousness that he no longer has any confidence in you. I do not trust you. I have lost confidence in your character. I am forced to suspect every move you make. Such a declaration would instantly alienate friends by destroying the foundation upon which every friendship is built. Until your former friends opinion of you had been reversed there could be no further communion. Only a restored faith could bring about a restored friendship. Now, it is well known that people do not go boldly to God and profess that they have no confidence in Him, and no one except the rare professional unbeliever is willing to witness publicly to his low view of God. The frightful thing, however, is that people everywhere act out their unbelief with a consistency that is more convincing than words.

Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. You of little faith, he said, why did you doubt?
Matthew 14:31

Why do we doubt God? Is there a question about His character or His power? We often attempt to hide our doubt but it is evident in our prayer and our daily living, isnt it?

Forgive me for doubting You, Lord. It is often covered over with faith-talk. But only You can be fully trusted.

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