Monday, February 27, 2017

I have learned when I awake to be thankful in prayer

Dennis Osullivan
I've very much learned when I awake to be thankful in prayer, for it is a new day we have been given. It is another blessing of God. We don't know what will happen, has we go through the day, we could face a variety of things, good, testing, painful and joyful, a real variety of experiences different for each one of us. But every new day is a special gift from God, so may we thankfully embrace each one with confident trust in the Lord and humble celebration of this gift!

I thank you, Lord, for this new day, leads and guide me in your way, let me serve in doing good, helping others have we should. Giving love and a helping hand, loving each other as you command!
Bless all my family, friends and sisters and brothers, throughout earth, with all that they may need in Jesus holy name I pray AMEN

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