Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Remember the little ugly grub, that turned into a beautiful butterfly "

Dennis Osullivan
5 hrs · 
As we get older, there are physical signs that reveal our aging, this is inevitable, many spend lots of time and money to conceal it, out of vanity. We must accept and be thankful for our aging,, for getting older is a continuation of our life's journey, to become more like Jesus, which means that as time goes on, our hearts and attitude should increasingly resonate with ' and reflect, the compelling character and winsome ways of our Savior Jesus. So as we grow older, let us not regret, but let us embrace the opportunity of Becoming spiritually more like Jesus. All will notice we look better with age. Let us not just grow older but grow better as the Followers of Christ. ! Remember the little ugly grub, that turned into a beautiful butterfly "

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