Monday, February 27, 2017

Joining Jesus and following Him in this new life

Dennis Osullivan
Joining Jesus and following Him in this new life, may mean and often does, us leaving things behind including those that don't bring true lasting satisfaction; what we once craved cannot compare with the life and" living water " that Jesus offers.
Scripture carries spiritual vitality, that's why it doesn't return void. Wherever it encounters an open heart, it brings refreshment, nourishment and new life! God's word is like a refreshing rain, I
in a drought, that waters crops and seed and brings new life to open hearts, and meets all our needs.
The bible is to a thirsty soul what water is to a barren land. Now, none but Christ can satisfy, no other name under heaven for us, for in Him there's life and lasting joy and love eternally.
He showed His love by dying for us, now show yours by living for Him!

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