Monday, February 27, 2017

Dennis Osullivan

Have you been like me, for in my past, I have had my own way of denying things , that seem true to others, I have claimed ignorance of of my bad behavior, rationalize, or blame others, forgeting that God knows the truth. 
People look at our outward appearance and what we say , but the Lord can see and looks at our heart "1 Samuel 16:7 ). 
This is true whether the heart is pure or if it's a corrupt heart dressed in false claims of innocence. I may have fooled others, who have only seen me on the outside, but God had seen the reality of my heart - wether good or bad. I now humble myself and confess my all to the Lord, He desires I tell the truth, the only way for me to escape my sins and restore my fellowship with my God is to acknowledge and confess to Him. My life has changed, by repenting confessing and making effort to change. Is there many more like me, who have been like this?

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