Thursday, February 9, 2017

Dennis Osullivan: The World Today

Dennis Osullivan

The world Today 
When our world is troubled by , tragic events and the evil things that are taking place . We pray and long for the day " when evil will finally be destroyed and that God will finally bring history to a close, and, His kingdom will be fully established, on earth as it is in heaven ! We must NOT, accept the feeling of failure or defeat, we must recover when we disappoint, God and all others, as well has disappointing ourselves. When we are truly sorry and repent. Gods pardon sets us free to begin again, and to positively focus on today's opportunities we will be blessed with, rather than yesterday's disappointments. Gods faithful cleansing, allows us to start again, with a pure heart. God invites us in our wrongs, to bounce back.
Leaders, Pastors, Faithful friends, church family, review your promises and pledges, that have been made before God and before man,  and re-commit your lives to God once again, and fulfill the purpose God has set you (us). You have accepted Jesus, and walked in His ways, so get back in step, and stay. 
Let none of us live in the shadow of yesterday, But walk in the light of today and our hope for tomorrow. " Our Father who are in Heaven and your Spirit that's within, lead and guide our step and our every word has we serve you this day. Out of the darkness into the Light we will stay - in Jesus precious Holy name we pray Amen and Amen--love ya JESUS -Dennis!

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