Saturday, March 11, 2017

We have a Constitutional Crisis. What Thomas Jefferson warned would be the greatest threat to the Republic has now happened. We will not survive as a Republic if the judicial tyranny the courts are now seeking to impose over the President and the Congress is allowed to stand. The District Court and Circuit Court rulings in regard to the Presidential Order, which is clearly his Constitutional authority to do, and is clearly according to the law passed by congress, is illegal and a blatant attack on the "Supreme law of the land," which is the Constitution. By this district and circuit court judges are seeking to impose on the country what even the Supreme Court does not have authority to do: claim their authority is above the Executive and Legislative Branches. 
If this is allowed to stand then any liberal federal judge, at any level, could overturn any President on anything they politically disagree with. Likewise any conservative judge could do the same. This is the ultimate break down of authority in our government that is based on the Constitution being the "supreme law of the land." If this stands judges could also overturn congress on anything, as this is what they are doing by ignoring the law they passed to give the President the authority over immigration.
You don't want to miss todays "Rant" as I address where this is headed.

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