Friday, March 3, 2017

Instill within our hearts dear Lord of All

Dennis Osullivan
6 hrs · 
Instill within our hearts dear Lord of All,
The deepest desire to know your Word,
And let us learn to hear the lead of your voice,
Your Word is pure and we your servants love it,
Help us to Love, and become more like You!
Let the compassion of thine heart be in mine,
Let us love like you this is our prayer,
May the compassion of thy heart we share,
Ready a cup of water we give and share,
May we unselfishly for others each day we live,
Real Love is supporting others for Jesus sake,
Even if they are ever unable to return the favor,
Rivers of living water, Rivers of life so Free ',
Flowing from thee, my precious Savior,
Send now those rivers through all dear Jesus,
And send those rivers through me!
( thank you, Father, Love you and love All in Jesus
holy name Amen !)

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