Thursday, March 9, 2017

Dennis Osullivan
9 hrs · 
When we are with our parents, we are little like birds we reach a certain age and ability and have to leave the nest ".The truth is we live a life of dependence, and at the center of our dependence is Our God, in whom all things hold together. Most parents feel a loss when their children outgrow dependence, even while knowing growth is healthy and normal. With God, the rules change. We never outgrow our dependence, and to the extent, We think we do, we delude ourselves. Prayer is our declaration of our dependence upon the LORD! Let's give Him each perplexing problem, let Him deal with all our needs, involve Him in all our daily trials and joys, and never carry burdens again Alone! We must pray as if our life depends on it for surely truly yes it DOES! Love ya JESUS and love ALL Amen!

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