Saturday, March 11, 2017

Dennis Osullivan
5 hrs · 
Pain, suffering, and Loss!
We all know the feeling of loss and discomfort, in many different kinds of ways. But there are many different kinds and ways. There are many out there in our world, who still don't know the One who can give them comfort, Our Father God, the true and great comforter, who will and wants us to let go of any anger we carry. In his grief David not only found a song, he also found the reason to put his faith in God, who's faithfulness, all of the life's seasons. In the presence of the Lord our, sorrows, sicknesses, lack, we find a hopeful perspective of our blessings that the Lord grants us, Our Father knows life can be 'O so wonderful, and also that it can be, very painful, testing, disappointing and even very cruel and hard. If we earnestly seek the lord then we will find Him, in our blessed good times as well as our bad and needy times. He is our only hope, in this world that doesn't always show it cares! But we are kept, by the power of our loving, caring, forgiving Father. And No evil can penetrate the full armor He surrounds us with. And His anchor holds firm through the strongest of the storms we go through. Our Faith never knows, where it is being led, but we and our faith knows the one who is leading Us!
Thank you, Father, for your abundant love and all your provisions, I pray in Jesus precious name I pray AMEN !"
Love ya Jesus and Love All Dennis

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