Tuesday, March 14, 2017

From the sermon, "PRAYER CERTIFIED OF SUCCESS," by Charles Spurgeon:
'I think I have reminded you before of the father who had prayed for many years for his sons and daughters, and yet they were not converted, but all became exceedingly worldly. His time came to die. He gathered his children about his bed, hoping to bear such a witness for Christ at the last that it might be blessed to their conversion—but unhappily for him he was in deep distress of soul. 
He had doubts about his own interest in Christ. He was one of God’s children
who are put to bed in the dark—this, being above all, the worst fear of his
mind, that he feared his dear children would see his distress and be
prejudiced against religion. 
The good man was buried and his sons came to the funeral, and God heard the man’s prayer that very day—for as they went away from the grave, one of them said to the other, “Brother, our father died a most unhappy death.” “He did, brother; I was very much astonished at it, for I never knew a better man than our father.” “Ah,” said the first brother, “if a holy man such as our father found it a hard thing to die, it will be a dreadful thing for us who have no faith when our time comes.” That same thought had struck them all, and drove them to the cross—and so the good man’s prayer was heard in a mysterious manner. 
Heaven and earth shall pass away, but while God lives, prayer will be heard. While God remains true to His word, supplication is not in vain. The Lord give you grace to exercise it continually. Amen.'

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