Saturday, March 4, 2017

As followers of Christ and have the Holy Spirit inside of us...

As followers of Christ and have the Holy Spirit inside of us, who we have with the Power, Love and guidance, who brings instructions of Gods Word. Longing for us to grow, to the Fulness of His Salvation. Let us set aside, all feelings of anger, jealousy, the judging & criticism of each other, remembering the presence of His Holy Spirit, inside of us! Remember this when we judge and pull another down, that you are also attacking, He who dwells within us. Stop talking one way and living another: we must desire the richness, the pure value of His Word, that we may grow there with!
The Lord calls us, invites us to feast on All that we can from His abundant, beautiful supply of His living written Word! The Truth!
If we concern ourselves with Gods will, and obey each day His directions and warnings, that He gives each one of us, and we walk by faith and step out in the path of Obedience. We will find God will lead us through or carry us on this day and every day! God knows the rough and winding ways we take and burdens of our every pain and the sorrows. He will never forsake any of His children. He knows All and Loves His own. Blessed is the one who goes which way God is Moving! When we question our ability to do what God, do, has asked us, He can be trusted! Our shortcomings are less important than Gods Suffiency . When we ask " who am I " We can remember God said " I Am " we must Remember Gods with us ' He's eternal , self existent , and a All sufficient character. It will do us well to remember He is with us , even at times when we are unsure of our own abilities. He gives us the strength ' the Faith, to believe, that He can and will help us to do anything, that He asks of us to do,. We will not fear , off where we are going , because we know God is going with us , regardless of what today may bring , or the troubles we may be going through , we remember-God is stronger than anything that's in our life or anything that may come for us to face . We can be confident!!
The shadow of His all prevailing presence - Guarantees that His power can turn even the worst of situations into something good ! God in the midst of our troubles, will let us rest in the fact that He is Almighty, and will be our confidence that we need , and He is far far stronger, than anything that touches or threatens us , for He is greater than the Greatest problem than any of us may Face !
Thank you Father in Jesus name , I pray for all around the earth to come to you , love ya Lord -Dennis

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