Obama and welfare
He Got Fooled Again
It’s safe to say that not all of the migrants that have left their home countries are actually fleeing danger. After all, these migrants are mostly Muslims that are leaving nations where Islam is the main language. How bad could it possibly be for them?
Of course they still were granted leave because they claimed that they were risking death if they were to stay. If someone says that, then it would be wise to stay away from the area that they were supposedly risking death if they stayed there. So several nations have accepted these migrants and put them on welfare.
These nations include the United States, Germany, Switzerland, and several other nations. They welcomed these migrants and gave them what they needed to start a new life. However it has been reported that these migrants are using the money that they get from welfare to go back to their home countries.
A Switzerland paper Basler Zeitung has reported that thousands of migrants each year are heading to Eritrea for their holidays each year. This is again, despite the fact that these migrants were thought to have fled the northeast nation in fear of their lives.
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They’re Calm For Leaving A Nation Where They Feared For Their Life
Why would you be returning to a place that makes you fear for your life? There isn’t a logical reason on why someone would be willing to do that, other than the fact that they were lying in the first place. Another thing to note is that this number could be higher.
According to the Swiss Secretariat for Migration, they think it is unlikely that more than a small handful of these migrants would “abuse the asylum system.” It’s actually not that hard to imagine.
In Germany, there was over 1.2 million migrants that had resettled and less than three percent of that number had actually found work or had accepted it. That number comes out to a little over 34,000 people that have actually found and accepted jobs.
There are no direct flights to Eritrea from Switzerland, so there are a lot of people that could be taking separate flights to reach that destination. How are they paying for this if migrants have refused to accept jobs? They are on welfare and use that money to pay for the trips.
This isn’t the first time that this has happened either. Back in September it was reported that migrants in Germany had been using their welfare money to travel back to the countries that they escaped from as well. Again, if you were escaping the country because you fear for your life, why would you ever want to go back?
Why Would You Go Back?
If this is happening in Switzerland and Germany, then why wouldn’t it be happening here in the United States? Every refugee and migrant that comes to the United States is automatically given money to help them out. Migrants are going to do whatever they can to get free money and just use it for what they want. Former President Obama had the United States gearing up to accept over 100,000 Syrian refugees at the end of the 2017 fiscal year. How many of those people are scamming the system?
Did Obama not realize that these are people that are scamming the system? Or did he simply not care about the nation to do that?
These migrants are lazy individuals that are more than comfortable sitting around and doing nothing while the rest of the hard-working people have to cover for them. Seriously there are more and more people that are leaving their host countries to live in another area.
They claim they fear for their lives, and when they get to a new country, they don’t do anything. They sit around, collect the money that is being given to them by the government, and then use that money to go back to their host country for the holidays.
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They Look So Worried
Meanwhile, the people it is really going to affect are the ones that work for a living and pay taxes. How do you feel about people that are using your hard-earned money to sit back and relax and do nothing?
The worst part is that the liberals constantly complain that we need to take in more of these people and that they are in worse situations than we can imagine. How is that going to help when new reports come out that migrants are taking vacations in their home countries?
Remember, these are the same migrants that have said they are going to refuse all the jobs that are given to them because they are guests. They claim that the guests don’t have to work. So they are just going to lie around and do nothing while collecting money and just being a burden to taxpayers.
However there are some nations that are starting to fight back against this plague. The nation of Italy has ordered mass deportation of those Muslim migrants that are doing what they can to enter the country. They know that they are not going to contribute anything to society.
Share this article to show everyone that these migrants that fear for their lives are actually lying about that. If they were really fearful for their lives, they would be doing what they could to avoid going back. So how can you explain the fact that they were willingly going back there?