The State Department saw as massive exodus as they quit (were “soft fired”?) on Wednesday an nominee Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was on the grounds at the Harry S. Truman center.
In what is very likely a “soft firing” (since Trump’s now famous “You’re fired!” just wouldn’t be becoming a president), the U.S. State Department saw an exodus of workers not seen since ancient Egypt. Those that have said that Trump is not going to really “drain the swamp” because he has chosen a few bankers for his team have been proven here to have been greatly mistaken. Trump just does not trust a crusted bueauacracy.
This is all quite vividly reflected in the words of David Wade who served under Secretary of State John Kerry who said, “It’s the single biggest simultaneous departure of institutional memory that anyone can remember, and that’s incredibly difficult to replicate.
One can imagine that it would be rather hard to replicate considering that the U.S. not seen change and honesty in the Oval Office in ages. Usually. the incoming president either settles for the swamp scum that is already present, or they hire swamp scum of their own. It remains to be seen what Trumps new hires will be like, but as for the bankers, they are likely there only so that Trump can better learn and grasp how the filth of banker world works.
The specter of Clinton and her departments many sins likely still loom large within the State Department. Could that be why so many have quit in mass numbers?
Usually. the incoming president either settles for the swamp scum that is already present, or they hire swamp scum of their own. It remains to be seen what Trumps new hires will be like, but as for the bankers, they are likely there only so that Trump can better learn and grasp how the filth of “bankerworld” works.
Perhaps it really was a case where some or even most of the workers DID quit in disgust since they made a point to quit on Wednesday while incoming nominee for Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was visiting the Harry S. Truman building.
If so, does anyone shed even a tear? Trump was elected by the American people to get rid of these status quo workers who not only are so anti-capitalist minded that one wonders how and why they even got into the field, but also they must be pretty well off in the pocketbook area if they can just quit their jobs. Maybe they even left because they are jumping ship before Trump exposes all of the corrupt ties that Obama and others have had with less than upfront foreign dealings, too.
Does John Kerry know why so many have quit the State Department or are to believe it is just because the liked him SO much that they can not see themselves working for anyone else?
Many people hear the words “State Department” and their eyes glaze over as they imagine rubber stampers, men in suits with short spiky hair, and cubicles as far as the eye can see. What many do not stop and absorb is just how vital it is to have a non-corrupted State Department.  The State Department has helped overthrow the nations that allowed ISIS to became powerful enough to kill thousands, if not millions of innocent people. The tidal waves of blood that the State Department have spilled would equal oceans.
This may anger the Washington Post who detest Trump, a fact pointed out by author Kit Daniels, because they have virtually no moles, spinners, and sources in which to undermine Trump’s every move with. Even career foreign service officers at regional bureaus have left from their posts. This means that once new hires are made, the state department is not only going to be a drained swamp, but it may re-emerge as an Olympic-sized swimming pool full of gold medalists, an open-air arena, and surrounded by the garden of Eden by comparison!
If/when nominee Rex Tillerson gets into the State Department, he and Trump have a clean slate, free from the vermin that had resided withing the walls for so very long.
All of this may sound funny when spoken about in such honest terms, but according to their own website, the U.S. State Department “represents the United States at more than 270 diplomatic locations around the world“, which on paper does not sound nefarious in nature at all. The hair in the soup is that the U.S. State Department does not always do that “representing” part so well.
Many have ties to George Soros and various other NGO’s that, despite their names, are really very much government organizations in practice, if not in root. They have created misery in places like the Ukraine that has undone most of the work and progress achieved from the end of the Cold War happening. Doe s that represent the average U.S. citizen or our soulless elites?
Like rats jumping a sinking vessel, so it that the rats are jumping ship at the State Department. “Captain” Tillerson will likely right the failing boat.
The State Department is charged also with implementing (forcing) the president’s agenda in relation to other nations and the world at large. If the State Department is honest, then it would be very limited in terms of what it makes other nations do. It would also be very astute at making sure that other nations are limited in what they may ask or demand of the U.S. If the president is trying to nation build and parade the nation into wars, the State Department can be an engine for great evil, as seen in both Bush and Obama.
America has not seen a State Department that implements sound ideals because America has not had a president with sound ideals it seems since the invention of the wheel or some time just after the Big Bang. Our State Department, while not all evil as the “2, 4, 6, 8, America was never great” crowd claims, has nonetheless been at the helm of warmongering that has brought much misery onto the world stage.With most of these tempestuous beasts exorcised from the system in such sweeping and massive numbers, Trump has the potential to bring about more goodness, prosperity (by saving money on wars, for one), and most importantly peace than at any time in recent memory.
People have long said that the government is like a disease or a cancer. Thankfully not all disease nor all cancer kills, for sometimes if caught in time, it can be as if the illness never was. The same is true regarding the health of economic and world systems, at least to such a degree that it is America’s affair.
If by electing Trump America has managed to find a man who works tirelessly to heal the nation, the nation may well be healed. Sure, as Ron Paul pointed out recently on the Alex Jones Show, America has issues and monetary corrections coming that are going to be terrible. Trump can not stop that, but he can help to make the transition into a more manageable and sound system occur while the correction happens.
This needed purge of the State Department should come as a pleasant bit of news for everyone because it is quite historic. The Democrats should be happy for the same reasons that the GOP is happy. This could end the corruption that many have seen festering in the State Department for far too long.
It is time now to make those who will be coming to replace the swamp creatures are as adherent to the Constitution as can be, thus proving that moving forward, there is a much better and more peaceful way.