California DMV
They Are Going Against Trump One More Time
Before we jump into the article, I just want to ask everyone a question: How many of you were excited to get your drivers license? Odds are, many of you couldn’t wait to finally get your license because it finally meant you were growing up a little and taking on more responsibility.
After all, it’s a big step to getting a ride from your parents or guardian everywhere to finally being able to drive yourself places. However that isn’t the only thing that a driver’s license is good for.
It’s also a valid form of identification. Every driver’s license that is issued is a way of showing people that you are who you say you are. Plus, when you are issued a driver’s license, you are put into a system that would allow you to get a new one, should you ever lose or misplace the original one.
Except in the case of California, they have been administering driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants with a special code on the license that lets people know that they are illegal. Illegal immigrants shouldn’t be getting drivers licenses in the first place, but this is California we are talking about. They are going to do what they can to protect those illegals.
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California Wants To Protect All These Illegals
Now that Donald Trump is the president of the United States, he wants to get to work deporting people that shouldn’t be in this country. He’s right; if they aren’t here legally, then they shouldn’t be here at all! It’s that simple. He has also made it a campaign promise to go and deport those people that are not supposed to be here.
Liberals have heard this plea and they are doing whatever they can to save these illegals. That includes the creation of these sanctuary cities, which have the explicit purpose of defying the federal government and protecting the illegal immigrants from deportation.
Despite the fact that the federal government has introduced bills that would deny them federal funding, these cities are still doing what they can to protect them. Now the state of California has one upped these cities and made it that much harder to track and deport the people that shouldn’t be here.
California has a law known as AB60, which allows these illegal immigrants to receive driver’s licenses. This law also created a special designation code known as “AB60 code,” which flags those specific licenses as containing “Federal Limits Apply.”
A top level IT source has stated that state officials have instructed programmers to immediately remove the AB60 administrative coding. By removing that coding, these illegal immigrants are given full licenses that citizens of the country receive. Not only that, but it makes it that much harder for federal authorities to go through and see which people shouldn’t be here.
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It’s Making Trump’s Job Harder To Find And Deport The Illegal Immigrants
Again this code was used by California as a way to show which people were illegal and which were legal. Without this code, California is essentially saying everyone that they give a drivers license to is legal. If everyone is legal, then how is the federal government supposed to go through and round him or her up?
This is just another attempt by California and their liberal policies to protect every illegal that is in the state. Despite the fact that these people shouldn’t be here to begin with, California is essentially turning them all into citizens.
Of course the other danger with that is all the perks that they are now going to get. Since they have a proper form of identification, these illegals can now do a lot of other things that regular citizens can do. This is just another slap in the face from California in their misguided attempt to make sure that nobody gets deported.
Then again, California isn’t a state that is going to high on trying to help out the Trump administration. They are in the middle of introducing a bill that is going to teach the students that Russia interfered with the election. Despite the fact that they have absolutely no proof of the matter, California is going to make every student learn about how Russia supposedly interfered and had Trump win.
In fact, they are so upset with the election that they are talking about succeeding from the United States. Nancy Pelosi has already put down the groundwork to actually go through with leaving the Union. Since this is California we are talking about, they are actually calling it “Trump’s America.” Talk about being spoiled.
Share this article to show that California is now deleting the code that they use when giving illegal immigrants driver’s licenses. This means that it is going to be that much harder for the federal government to go and deport the illegals that shouldn’t be here. It’s just another attempt by California to defy the federal government.