Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A new heart, we need it 2CORINTHIANS 5:17 refers to it as 'a new man " and " a new creation " For those of us living today, only one criterion must be met to acquire a ' transplant '. We must need it - and many do - It matters not whether we're rich or poor, respected or scorned. Citizenship, social status,, and ethnicity are inconsequential. If we need a new heart from God, we can have one through Faith in Jesus Christ's death and resurrection! What indicates that need? As sinners we ALL need a new heart, have you received a New Heart?
For it's more than a new start we need " it's a new HEART "And Christ ask for nothing, are, come just are, come sinful, come guilty , Come Give Him Your Heart ( thank you father in jesus name AMEN "!

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