Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Non-Stop Open Borders Muslim Invasion Of Europe - Obama Bringing This To America, UN Already Recruiting |

Non-Stop Open Borders Muslim Invasion Of Europe - Obama Bringing This To America, UN Already Recruiting |

Non-Stop Open Borders Muslim Invasion Of Europe – Obama Bringing This To America, UN Already Recruiting

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The endless stream of Muslim invaders, a foreign occupying force which will never assimilate, become an instant economic hemorrhage and create social chaos continues. The lies being told to both the gullible compliant citizens as well as those that recognize the threat and are alarmed are the same. It’s a spontaneous situation created by the war in Syria.
Baloney, it’s an orchestrated situation created by the EU and soon the US governments. The false humanitarian pretext is cited by both criminal syndicates as the justification for the Islamification of Christian nations. The Muslim or atheist pretending to be a Christian in the White House is intent on flooding the United States with his own Muslim invading army similar to what is seen in this video. They tell us it’s our humanitarian obligation to allow ourselves to be destroyed, part of being responsible “global citizens.”

The truth that many Americans have forgotten or never knew is that we’re not global citizens, we’re Americans. Our loyalty and responsibilities lie with the United States, not foreigner and not with a subversive foreign usurper of our presidency.
These European nations now under assault will likely never be the same, with sentiment for the unraveling of the EU domination strengthening but possibly at too slow a pace to save the member states from destruction. The damage will, to some degree, be irreversible both in Europe and in the United States. The seeds of dissent, once sown are difficult to uproot.
Americans must be aware of the threat this invasion poses and insist to both our pathetically weak Congress as well as the criminal White House that this nonsense stop. Of course there is only one manner in which that will happen, by virtue of a leadership change. The source of the problem, Hussein Obama in the White House, Jihadi Jeh Johnson in DHS and John Kerry in the State Department must be eliminated. They will not honor our wishes; they must be forced.

As for the Muslim squatters, they should remain where they belong, in whatever Muslim hellhole country they were born in or have taken residence up in outside of Europe and most specifically, outside of the United States. We’re not the dumping ground for the problems of Islam or anyone else. We’re a sovereign nation, independent and proud of our heritage; a Christian one, and an American one.
The false mantra of a benefit of diversity is a toxic fairy tale designed to help those behind the invasion justify its taking place. Diversity is not necessarily harmful but it is not beneficial either. It’s incidental at best and Balkanizing at worst. In these numbers, it’s incredibly divisive, anarchic and dangerous.
The immediate invasion totals planned for the United States are to the tune of 100,000 per year initially, if the trio of subversives, Obama, Johnson and Kerry get their way. Since they operate independent of the rule of law, Congress or the wishes of the American people, there is no reason to doubt they’ll fully implement whatever devious attack plan they have with their customary reckless abandon.
The system is already in place. The United Nations selects the invaders and sends them to non-government organizations to be smuggled into our interior into one of any of 190 cities totally independent of any involvement or oversight by the America people. The State Department provides a blessing and we provide lifetimes of support, accommodation and demanded tolerance to unwanted intruders thrust into our midst by the White House communists.
What is happening in Europe is already on the drawing board for us in America. The Europeans are beginning to respond in defiance. We need to do so as well, and fast. Numbers like these in the video, of Americans, need to be descending upon the White House. The time has come to put our feet down and to stand up.
I’m Rick Wells – a conservative writer who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. I’m not PC; I call it like I see it. – Please “Like” me on Facebook, “Follow” me on Twitter or visit &

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