Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Holy smokes: China just made a HUGE threat to the U.S. - Allen B. West -

Holy smokes: China just made a HUGE threat to the U.S. - Allen B. West -

Holy smokes: China just made a HUGE threat to the U.S.

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China is starting to flex its mighty, copycat military muscle. How fitting they’d do so while the USA has an anti-military administration. Coincidence? I think not.
China, like many other nations with at least some semblance of a military, is standing up to the USA in a way that may not have been expected.
The nation of some 1.3 billion people has been busy building and upgrading its military with technology stolen from the U.S. and other nations with advanced military technology.
The Communist government has been quietly expanding its territory simply by declaring that certain parts of the sea belong to them and they dare anyone to violate those waters.
Yesterday, the U.S. Navy took up that challenge, because it doesn’t recognize the aggressive expansion of China in that particular area of the globe. The guided-missile destroyer USS Lassen ventured within the 12-nautical mile zone around the Subi and Mischief reefs in the Spratly archipelago – islands now claimed by China.
China was not pleased.
According to the Chinese state media outlet, The Global Times in an article titled “After the show, it’s time for US destroyer to leave,” The Pentagon is obviously provoking China. It is time to test the wisdom and determination of the Chinese people.
We should stay calm. If we feel disgraced and utter some furious words, it will only make the US achieve its goal of irritating us.
In face of the US harassment, Beijing should deal with Washington tactfully and prepare for the worst. This can convince the White House that China, despite its unwillingness, is not frightened to fight a war with the US in the region, and is determined to safeguard its national interests and dignity.
In fact this morning, according to Yahoo News“China has recalled its U.S. Ambassador, saying “the U.S. had acted in defiance of repeated Chinese objections and had threatened China’s sovereignty and security.”
Since 2013, China has accelerated the creation of new outposts by piling sand atop reefs and atolls then adding buildings, ports and airstrips big enough to handle bombers and fighter jets — activities seen as attempting to change the territorial status by altering the geography.”
Unfortunately, it seems our administration is playing a chess game it doesn’t know how to win. While China builds, the U.S. cuts back and tears down.
The real question is not what will China do, but if the Obama Administration is serious about challenging an expanding China, will we be able to back it up with our own military might and power?
Right now, China has the U.S. in check. Will they make it check mate?
[Note: This article was written by Rod Eccles]

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