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Franken-Santa Kerry Visits "Favorite Golden Saudi Palace" With Gifts For "Rebels" From Stupid Americans |

Franken-Santa Kerry Visits "Favorite Golden Saudi Palace" With Gifts For "Rebels" From Stupid Americans | ConstitutionRising.comFranken-Santa Kerry Visits “Favorite Golden Saudi Palace” With Gifts For “Rebels” From Stupid Americans
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If there’s one country the United States doesn’t need to be supporting with US Taxpayer dollars it’s Saudi Arabia. They’re among the wealthiest people on the planet, being intelligent enough to recognize that if they drill for their own oil they’ll all have a lot of money to spend on nice things for themselves. They haven’t bought into the whole “windmills and darkness make you happy” nonsense of Kerry, Obama and the UN. Not that they won’t still get cut in on a piece of the climate extortion pie. Like every lecture from Kerry or Obama reminds us, it’s important that the response is a “global effort by all nations to combat a problem that is equally non-existent across all parts of the planet.”

The fact that they’re rolling in petro dollars has no relevance or impact on whether or not Kerry and Obama are pillaging our treasury of borrowed money to cover the cost of the Saudi’s own war on terror, one in which they and their citizens have helped to create their own ISIS supposed enemy. As the Obama regime sees it, American dollars are only international dollars that haven’t yet found their way into the right pocket.

We’ll finance the rebels, we’ll supply the arms, and we’ll fly sorties and return with munitions still undelivered. We’ll finance their engagement in geopolitical interests by arming and training an unknown enemy and then hoping that this time, for once; everything magically works out for the best. The hope and change honor system of foreign policy is once again at work in the model of international excellence, The United States State Department.

The freakish anti-American quisling Secretary, John Kerry, was in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on Saturday for meetings which included some face time with King Salman and other Saudi leaders, what was likely a truly painful experience for the Saudi monarch and anyone else unfortunate enough to have found themselves in Kerry’s presence. A choking John Kerry can be heard describing, in his notorious “impotent negotiator” tone, as being in his favorite palace. Disarming them with the “I love what you’ve done with the palace” routine might be a bit basic for his peers but for Kerry, it’s cutting edge “Art of the Really Bad Deal” stuff.

Having recently abandoned a similar failed program of training “moderate rebels” in which, after all was said and done, after all of the defectors had defected and all of the surrenders had handed over their weapons and equipment to the enemy, we were able to field a fighting force of four or five individuals. The cost of this Obama strategy of creating a proxy army was $41 million dollars. With a track record like that it’s difficult to see any benefit to jumping back into such an arrangement, but where there’s American money to be wasted, Kerry’s the one to find a way to do it.

As track records for the regime would indicate, we can be sure that nothing was negotiated beyond an insistence by Kerry that the amount of “foreign aid” to unknown rebel terrorists provided must be larger than whatever the opening bid was. It must also be untraceable, earmarked for groups hostile to the United States and any reciprocal measures by the Saudis have to be either non-existent or personal in nature, funneled towards the important people so freely doling out the American cash.

After things concluded, the State Department updated the American people on the “progress” of the meeting, issuing a statement in which they pledged “to continue and intensify support to the ‘moderate Syrian opposition’ while the political track is being pursued.”

That moderate Syrian opposition hasn’t distinguished themselves as being very much different from the ISIS terrorists and both are now being pounded into Virginville by Putin and the Russians. If Kerry’s promising weapons, he’d better send extras, to replace the ones being blown to smithereens by the Russian airstrikes. Unlike the US, the Russians are actually dropping their munitions and accurately targeting. He might want to up that recruitment budget while he’s at it. At $10 million per trained, vaporized fighter and with Russia actually fighting the fight that had Obama soiling his petticoat, acting so the Saudis don’t have to could get prohibitively expensive in a hurry.

Reuters reported on the Saudi insistence, and the subsequent parroting by Hussein Obama that Assad must be removed from power, a position neither Assad nor the Russians seem willing to go along with. Supposedly opposed to ISIS, an almost comical assertion in view of their explosive growth and our tepid response, both the US and Riyadh have criticized the Russian strikes, which have been decisive and exacting a huge toll on the ISIS terrorist forces. Why are Kerry and the Saudis so opposed to the very military successes that have eluded them, quite probably by choice? Are they simply embarrassed or are there other motivations at work other than a mere “humanitarian opposition” to the tyrant Assad?

Maybe Obama should clean up his messes in Baghdad or Tripoli before he liberates the people of Syria into the chaos of another nation building catastrophe. Maybe he should arm the Kurds or Sunni tribes begging for US assistance that never comes in their struggle against what he claims to be our common enemy.

Maybe he should just come on out and state his allegiance with ISIS in the creation of a caliphate and end the unconvincing charade. That would require honesty on his part, but, as the saying goes, there’s a first time for everything.

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