Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lieutenant General William "Jerry" Boykin

Israel is one day closer to a ground campaign. Rockets continue to fall into Israel from launch pads in Gaza. Think about the following:
1) The range and lethality of the HAMAS weapons has increased substantially in the last 5 years. That means that 80% of the citizens of Israel are within the range of deadly rockets. Israel must act now to stop this and a ground campaign is a must.
2) Israel cannot rely on air power alone. The HAMAS weapons are largely inside of tunnels and must be destroyed there. This is a task for ground forces.
3) When Israel went into Lebanon in 2006, they tried to use air power alone. By the time they finally launched a ground campaign, they were late and took a good number of casualties. For that reason, I think they will initiate the ground campaign earlier rather than later. They will roll quickly to find arms stockpiles and destroy them.
4) Israel must hurt HAMAS now before HAMAS finds a way to defeat or overcome the Israeli Iron Dome system. If that happens, many Israelis will die, given the increased range and lethality of the weapons that they currently possess.
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