As the world burns and nationalism and other -isms raise their ugly head literally all over the globe, America is the last bastion of freedom on the planet with the strength left to fight this global tide of totalitarianism and aggression.
Who else is going to do it? The Europeans?  Is Israel going to stand up to the whole world by herself? Canada? Australia?
The problem is that President Obama doesn’t believe in a leadership role in the world for the United States.  He doesn’t believe in American exceptionalism. He believes America is the problem. The consequences of his refusal to lead on the world stage should debunk that myth forever. America is absent, and look at what is happening. The world is exploding.  The United States is all that is left to halt the world community’s march towards fascism and a much darker future.
America has it in her genes to stand up to global bullies and evil.  We were founded as a nation refusing to bow to the English king and his corruption and inequality. We defeated the German Nazi war machine, and its ally Japan. We fought to stop  communism from encircling the world in Korea and in Southeast Asia.  We brought down the evil empire of the Soviet Union. We threw out a brutal dictator in Iraq who killed over two-hundred thousand of his own people with poison gas.  We defeated terrorism in Afghanistan after 9/11.  Time and time again, we have stood to stop mad men around the world.  We cannot always be the world’s policeman or fight every battle; however, we can stand up to those who threaten our security, our allies, and our way of life.
Unfortunately, perhaps this is the first time we have shirked our duty to our citizens and let down the world community.  No, we don’t want to be aggressive; but we want to stand up for what is right.  We want to be the person who stands up on the playground for others weaker than themselves.  Have we forgotten who we are? Are we so demoralized by this treacherous Dear Leader that we are going to allow him to destroy this great country–and along with it world peace?  The Constitution starts with We the People, not I King Obama.  The government is for and by the people, remember?
Now we have Islamists’ exterminating Christians across the Middle East.  We have Israel fighting for its right to not have rockets rain down on its civilians. We have a terrorist state from Syria to Iraq.  China is threatening its neighbors.  Russia is invading its neighbors. North Korea is shooting missiles and exploding nuclear weapons. Iran is developing a nuclear weapon.
President Obama, you claim to believe in your version of American exceptionalism. Now is your chance! Stand up to the world’s bullies! Rebuild our military capability! Make the case for American might in the world!  Be a leader!  If you won’t, then the people reserve the right to use whatever legal processes available to install a leader who will protect our country and its children–and our allies.
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