Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Muslims Call Germans 'Disgusting,' Refuse To Integration

Muslims Call Germans 'Disgusting,' Refuse To Integration

‘Integrated’ Muslim Migrants Make STUNNING Admission On ‘Disgusting’ Germans

An utterly shocking video has emerged that was shot inside a German school, which shows “integrated” Muslim migrants making a stunning admission about the “disgusting” Germans that took them in, and it should serve as a warning of what’s to come for America.
The clip shows a woman speaking to a group of Muslim teens inside of a German high school. In it, she asks if they know what the word “integration” means, which starts a discussion about how they really feel about the German people, and it’s not pretty.
One of the girls says that “integration” means to “exclude others,” and after the woman in the video corrects her, the conversation becomes rather interesting. “No, that’s precisely what it’s not,” she says, before asking if they have any German friends.
“Me? Not a single one,” one of the teens responds. Another chimed in, “Me neither, not a single one.”
The woman then asks why they don’t have any friends who are native to the country that took them in, and the answers highlight the supremacist attitude of many who follow the Islamic faith.
“Because they don’t belong to us, I cannot be like them,” a student stated, before the woman asks if they actually like the German people.
“If you hang out with Germans, they do different things than you, for example eating pork,” a girl said. “I’m disgusted by them to be honest.
“Look, if all migrants would stay in Germany and if all the Germans would disappear for just a single day,” she continues, “nobody would notice.”
The comments from the students in the video aren’t an isolated incident either. In December, the German news outlet ZDF published a documentary showing the effects of Islam on the country, and similar statements were made by Muslim teens in the video as well.
Keep in mind that in the past year, Germany hasimported over a million so-called “refugees” who all share a similar supremacist attitude and have already been causing issues within the country. In fact, Chancellor Angela Merkel is currently embroiled in a political crisis after 1,000 migrants went on a sexual assault spree in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, and the police tried to cover it up.
To think, the Obama administration has already green lighted at least 10,000 migrants to come to America, and thanks to the Republicans in Congress, tens of thousands more were approved in the Omnibus spending package. So, it looks like we’ll soon have many of the same issues plaguing European nations after they allowed so many migrants in unchecked. Isn’t that lovely?

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