Sunday, January 10, 2016

Dems Horrified When Shocking Truth About Oregon Standoff Comes Out... Obama Totally Silent

Dems Horrified When Shocking Truth About Oregon Standoff Comes Out... Obama Totally Silent

Dems Horrified When Shocking Truth About Oregon Standoff Comes Out… Obama Totally Silent

The way one member of the liberal mainstream media establishment chose to respond to the crisis in Burns, Oregon, where armed militia memberscommandeered the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in support of rancher Dwight Hammond and his son, Steven, spoke volumes about not just the media’s bias, but its hypocrisy as well.
Jonathan Chait, a liberal blowhard at New York magazine, would like to see the militiamen involved in the Oregon standoff gunned down like animals.
On Sunday, reporter Ian Kullgren revealed on Twitter that he had talked to lead militiaman Ryan Bundy and that Bundy had told him “they’re willing to kill and be killed if necessary.”
“Do we get to vote on this?” Chait tweeted back in reply. “Because I’m voting for #2.”
I might be mistaken, but it sounded to me as if Chait publicly advocated for violence against citizens of the United States. Yet his pals in the liberal mediaestablishment made no fuss about his statement, because apparently, calling for violence against protesters is now suddenly OK.
Moreover, in a video uploaded to Facebook that very same day, militiaman Jon Ritzheimer specifically said, “We will not fire unless fired upon.”
“We will stand and defend the Constitution,” he added. “We are within our rights.”
But even after this militiaman pledged to remain peaceful unless the government first turns violent, the liberal media remained silent about Chait’s “vote.”
And President Barack Obama, who had no problem inserting himself into local matters like the Trayvon Martin shooting or the Ferguson riots, apparently has nothing to say about liberal calls for bloodshed.
Imagine what might have transpired had a prominent conservativesaid the same thing about the Ferguson protesters, the Baltimore protesters, or any of the “Black Lives Matter” gang.
The irony is that when protesters act out violently by smashing windows, looting stores and burning their own cities, the liberal media cheer in glee. Yet when peaceful militiamen take over a single facility in protest of government overreach without destroying so much as a backyard shed, the same Democrat-supporting media charlatans hope for their death.
Hopefully, Americans are paying close attention and learning a pivotal lesson about their leftist media.

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