Friday, March 17, 2017

Walk the way like Jesus !"
Let us walk circumspectly. We should be careful how we live, clearly as we climb through our life, with all its many dangers coming our way. It is (VITAL ) that we take each step with Jesus, wisely and cautiously.The fool it is said lives carelessly, a wise person watches each step , so they don't stumble or fall ,it is our goal of being "Imitators of our God " , this is met as we walk carefully in love, with the Holy Spirits, guidance,and we walk than in a way, that honours our God . Consistency, we need to walk a measured pace to live the life of which Jesus as gave us the example. As we trust God to rule our hearts, our feet can walk HIS WAY!
We see much Mega Money, type preachers these days, Whose income is amazing. I can not make any judgment on this. But I'm a member of a church, whose purpose and commitment, is to teach the word, healing, and to serve God and end to his flock on a modest income, and there are many churches the same.

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