Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Dennis Osullivan
9 hrs · 
You may start the day with, with pain or sorrow's feeling isolated. But think of this, Read MATHEW 6:25-34 ) -----6:26 reads Your Heavenly Father feeds the birds of the air ].Are you not much more valuable than them? We sometimes feel alone, for loneliness can happen inside, even with many people around, and even by God. But we must remind ourselves that even though we may feel forgotten by our creator God, We are NOT!" God not only makes us in His image (GENESIS 1:26-27), but He also values each of us individually and sent His Son to save us (JOHN 3:16).

Even in our darkest hour's, we can rest in the knowledge we are never alone, for our loving God is with us! And many of our friends in Christ and Family! I say thank you, Lord , that you never leave us alone, and that you know everything about us. Thank you for making us aware of your presence so we may share that comfort with others who are feeling alone AMEN "!
Love Ya Father in Jesus Precious Holy name, I thank you and give you praise, I pray for all throughout, the earth, for all your many blessing AMEN

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