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Paul Ryan's Trickery - Bill Provides Consent To Unlimited Islamic Invasion Without Any Debate |

Paul Ryan's Trickery - Bill Provides Consent To Unlimited Islamic Invasion Without Any Debate |

Paul Ryan’s Trickery – Bill Provides Consent To Unlimited Islamic Invasion Without Any Debate

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It’s time for the American people to tell the alpha-confused Democrat posing as a Republican Speaker of the House that we are not his subjects to roll over anymore than we are those of his master in the big white house. Paul Ryan needs to be educated in the short term and dispatched back to Wisconsin through a primary over the next year, as he represents all that is wrong with a wholly purchased federal government. He and our nation are for sale not only domestically, but apparently to the highest bidder from the Middle East as well.
In an effort to build the false perception of resistance to Obama’s dictates, Ryan has passed a show-bill sponsored by his boy, Rep Mike McCaul (R-TX) which has a hidden trap and trigger that can have enormously damaging consequences for our nation. The bill is called the “SAFE” Act, apparently they couldn’t get “Death To America Act” to work out in cute little acronym format.

The threat that is concealed within plain view is the establishment of an inherent false legitimacy of the invasion. Once the vetting process that is the supposed “only” issue is solved by ruling that a bureaucrat will be able to declare the vetting process to be sufficiently sound, which will inevitably occur, the invasion has already been given the green light by Congress without that aspect of it having ever been a part of the discussion.
Unlimited numbers will be able to immediately take advantage of the implied consent, the Islamic spigot will be set at whatever level Imam Obama decides, undoubtedly full open. What we will then experience may well be a carbon copy of the destruction that Obama’s globalist comrade, Angela Merkel unleashed upon Germany and by extension the entire continent of Europe.
Our friends and fellow patriots at ALIPAC recognize the threat as well and are launching a campaign to mobilize the American people. They are asking for the participation and support of the American people in going after Ryan and the 15 Democrat Marxist Governors who are providing the open doors into our nation through which we all are put at risk.

ALIPAC President William Gheen sent out the following urgent request on Thursday:
“I’ve never seen Americans this angry at politicians! Our post of the map showing 32 states now rejecting refugees from Muslim nations that hate us is very popular on our social media pages and has been viewed more than 85,000 times. Today we are asking Americans to bombard the remaining 15 Democrat state governors with calls and social media posts opposing their support for the importation of Muslim refugees and the current and future terrorists among them. Americans are already doing these things and many of the Facebook pages of the Jihadist Democrat alliance Governors are already melting down. We want to add structure to this activism and create a lasting record of which politicians are putting American lives in danger through their efforts to import refugees and illegal aliens to bolster future Democrat campaigns.”
Speaker Paul Ryan is trying to protect Obama’s Syrian refugee resettlement programs today by passing a bill that only “pauses” the program instead of stopping it. Also, Ryan’s bill is based on the false premise that refugees from Muslim countries can be adequately vetted when they can’t as Senator Jeff Sessions is pointing out!
ALIPAC added opposition to the Syrian refugee resettlement programs to the organization’s national platform more than a month before the Paris attacks when it became clear the program puts American lives and national security at risk.
A special request is being made for Kentucky where activists are being asked to make posts on the social media pages of Governor Elect Matt Bevin to ask that Bevin announce Kentucky will join the other states stopping refugee resettlement when he is sworn in as Governor of Kentucky.
For more information, or for contact information for Paul Ryan and the Democrat Governors, please visit
It’s time to show the criminals who think they can simply walk on us as they dictate what a new America will look like that they are the ones in jeopardy, that we’re serious, and if they want to keep their positions as “big important Congressmen and women,” they’d better start representing the people that put them there.
No means no and we’re saying no to the invasion, whether it be by little old ladies from Baghdad or 25 year old males from Al-Raqqah. We don’t want either, although admittedly the threat level from the latter is much more significant.
This is a Paul Ryan shell game, the first of many that we may have to overcome between now and the time that he is hopefully defeated by a primary challenger. If you’re able to make a call or two or social media post, now would be an excellent time to do so.
I’m Rick Wells – a conservative writer who recognizes that our nation, our Constitution and our traditions are under a full scale assault from multiple threats. I’m not PC; I call it like I see it. – Please “Like” me on Facebook, “Follow” me on Twitter or visit &

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