According to recent reports, John Kerry has come forward to say that the Iranian government’s cries for “Death to America” might not mean what we think it does. Still, he admits that the comments are “not helpful.”
Kerry went on to say that he has not been made aware of an Iranian plan to destroy America. When he appeared in front of the House Foreign Affairs Committee to defend the nuclear agreement, he was asked about Tehran’s policy, given the “death to America” chants that can frequently be heard at events for Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and President Hasan Rouhani.
“I don’t believe they’ve said that,” Kerry commented. “I think they’ve said ‘Death to America’ in their chants, but I have not seen this specific.”
“Well, I kind of take that to mean they want us dead,” Poe responded.
“I think they have a policy of opposition to us and of great enmity,” Kerry replied, “but I have no specific knowledge of a plan by Iran to actually destroy us.”
What do you think of Kerry’s comments? Are you sick of our ‘leaders’ turning a blind eye to the issues that are right in front of us?